„A Life Full of Contrasts“ -

that is how I would describe my professional career.


A life full of intentional and unintentional, courageous and unconventional contrasts with influences from the environment, media, languages, poverty and luxury in various business segments.


During my career, I worked as an employee and as a freelancer, thereby experiencing never-ending, multi-polar business worlds, providing me with multi-layered experiences and not allowing any form of monotony whatsoever.


Discover my business life, my companies and projects in text and images on the pages of this website.


Explore the contrasts of my life:


It all started in Romania, in the former Eastern Bloc, which at the time was still governed by Ceausescu. It was only later, at the age of forty, that I arrived in West Germany, my final home, from where I carried out and acquired my projects in Brazil, France, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the United States.


This was followed by a long period of business in the liberated and newly awakened Romania, before I returned to the current centre of my business life in Germany in order to plan and manage my present and future projects.


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Thank you for your interest

Teodor Garabet